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The AI Powered Telematics Platform that delivers real-time data, visibility and impact for any fleet operation

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With real-time alerts, simplified communication, automated logging, and detailed reporting, you’ll always have the full picture of your fleet’s safety performance. Everything you need to create a culture of safety for your company at your fingertips.

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Robust technology platforms share information allowing for next generation business intelligence from disparate technologies. Teletrac Navman technology platforms feature an Open API allowing businesses of all sizes to unlock information and streamline systems into a cohesive IT ecosystem allowing for better and faster business decisions.

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Fleet Management Software

From accounting to payroll to distribution, your business has a lot of moving parts. And those moving parts create a lot of valuable data, whether it comes from customers, suppliers, business partners

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Scheduling Projects at Work

Businesses of every size understand how important it is to plan and schedule their work, set priorities, decide who is going to handle which task, and how long the job will take.

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Smart Dashcams

INTELLIGENT DRIVER SAFETY Turn video into meaningful insights and improve driver safety with personalized coaching and driver rewards. With powerful video AI you can understand driver behavior like never before, and take a balanced approach to coaching, that you and your drivers can trust.

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Equipment Management for the Construction Industry

TOUGH TELEMATICS SOLUTIONS Paving the way for real-time transformation From yellow iron to pickup trucks, earthworks to paving, you’re managing complex projects, cost factors, and multiple jobsites. Bid more accurately on jobs when you gain visibility into equipment utilization, performance and productivity.TFP Canada equipment management software lets you take advantage of data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure proper equipment utilization

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Equipment Management Software

IF YOU USE IT, WE CAN TRACK IT! Full visibility into everything that matters in one equipment and asset tracking system Eliminate guessing games and digitize equipment management with TFP Canada and Teletrac Navman. Get visibility into location, equipment maintenance and utilization across all of your powered and non-powered assets from a centralized management console. Create digital workflows for core processes and overcome the challenges of paper-based systems for inventory management, equipment inspections and maintenance. Ensure that no critical information is lost and that the right action is taken to keep your assets operational, operators safe and projects on track.

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GPS Solutions for Field Service Management

Fleet Management lets you make intelligent decisions using real-time field status information, such as improving fleet productivity using vehicle tracking and trip management tools,

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Driver Behavior Monitoring (DBM) and Coaching

Driver Behavior Monitoring (DBM) lets fleet managers complete back-office analysis of aggressive driving maneuvers so that they can identify and train drivers who put your company at risk. In-vehicle alerts can provide your driver with instant feedback about their driving behavior, allowing them to make immediate changes to their driving style. Deep and detailed analytic reporting in easy-to-read reports allows management to proactively coach drivers to improve negative driving behaviors and habits, and reward positive performance and improvements. These changes will help you save fuel, ensure your drivers’ safety and protect your company’s reputation.

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