Protect your people, your assets, and your business

With real-time alerts, simplified communication and workflow, automated logging, and detailed reporting, you can rest assured knowing your employees are safe and your fleet is meeting or surpassing all government standards. Get everything you need to create a culture of safety for your company in one system.


Make the most of telematics software for effective compliance management

Real Time Visibility

See fleet activity in real time and ensure that your mobile resources are safe and working effectively to achieve your daily goals. With Drone View location monitoring, geofence activity measurement and smart dash cams you can have the ultimate fleet visibility tool set.

  • Real time fleet visibility with Drone View location monitoring
  • Monitor activity in set geographic locations with geofences
  • Smart dashcams provide the ultimate solution for fleet visibility

*Drone View availability is dependent on telematics device

ELD Compliance

With electronic logging devices (ELD) now mandatory for Hours of Service (HOS) logging and reporting, we make compliance easier than ever. Our team of industry insiders, with more than a decade of electronic logging experience, is uniquely equipped to get your ELD-mandated fleet on the road to success. Our ELDs are self-certified, FMCSA-registered, and available in a variety of configurations to power your business.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet monitoring solutions provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces miles driven, keeps fuel costs low and provides valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.

DVIR Recording

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) allow drivers to complete and submit daily pre-trip and post-trip inspections directly via their in-vehicle device. Our DOT-compliant electronic DVIR process is intuitive and easy for drivers to complete so they can get back on the road. Instant-upload allows you to identify vehicle operation and safety issues quickly, schedule maintenance, and digitize processes for greater flexibility.

IFTA Compliance

Don’t spend a dime more in fuel taxes than you need to with our streamlined reporting process for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance. Compile vehicle coordinates and trip data in our fleet management platform and directly sync to ProMiles for logging and reporting. Get clear insights into your fuel spending, mileage, and taxes due within the U.S. and Canada stored in a cloud-based account for simple access and filing.

Smart Dashcams

Eliminate guessing games and see only the footage that matters to your business with our 360-degree HD smart dashcam equipped with an artificial intelligence processor. Reward positive driving events in real time with audible and actionable alerts. View traffic events, such as

  • Speeding
  • Distracted and drowsy driving
  • Stop-sign and red-light violations
  • Tailgating

Rest assured knowing your fleet is protected from fraudulent insurance claims with a smart dashcam that offers at-fault detection and alerts. 

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Helping our clients work smarter

53% saw fewer safety violations
28% saw improved driver behavior
26% saw reduced accidents

Knowledge to keep your business compliant

How do dashboard cameras work for compliance?

While not required to be compliant with current federal and state laws, dashboard cameras provide better context of risky driving behaviors, improve overall safety allowing you to focus on making sure your fleet is meeting the strictest standards of Federal and State compliance. Learn more about how dashboard cameras can take your fleet management to the next level.

What are the most important compliance concern?

To keep your fleet compliant, you need to keep accurate records of driver and vehicle licenses, cargo weight, mileage, time spent on the road, and passenger information. Asset and fleet management lets you centrally and securely store all compliance records.

What can I do to improve driver safety and compliance?

Monitoring driver behaviors via instant alerts gives you the ability to understand driver performance for improved coaching and training. The ability to provide low-distraction coaching aids in real-time enforces and empowers a culture of safety.