Construction Telematics

Construction equipment telematics is revolutionizing the construction industry, powering visibility and efficiency beyond expectation.

Table of contents

Introduction to construction telematics

What is telematics for construction

Monitoring heavy equipment with telematic

Construction equipment utilization

Construction site safety



Construction telematics is all about data. When a piece of construction equipment or asset is being called into service, it can be monitored by our software solutions and provide a whole host of information. Being able to break down information into readable chunks will allow construction jobsites to function smoothly, stay profitable, and increase safety. With construction telematics, companies can:

  • See exactly where construction assets are at all times
  • Manage multiple job sites and projects
  • Monitor asset utilization to maximize output
  • Monitor usage hours to determine when a piece of equipment is up for maintenance

The power of GPS

GPS-enabled telematics is essential for keeping a construction site operating by locating and tracking construction equipment and assets. Being able to see all assets associated with one jobsite is essential to keeping a project on its predetermined timeline and under budget. The ability to see it all in real-time without having to check with foremen or operators leaves them free to do their job and keep the project progressing.

In order to keep a foothold in the competitive construction market, a company must have multiple jobs running at the same time. Multiple jobsites can be quickly and easily monitored using on- screen locations to make sure sites are stocked with the equipment they need, geofencing to keep assets in the areas they should be, monitoring engine hours for preventive maintenance, as well as keeping the whole operation as safe and fuel efficient as possible.

Using Big Data to your benefit

Knowing how and when to deploy a piece of construction equipment is a valuable piece of data to maximize utilization. Assets sitting idle do not make progress on a site and downtime can be very expensive and wasteful. Knowing when heavy machinery is operating is vital and knowing when an asset is operating can determine if any unauthorized usage is occurring and put a stop to it.

Heavy construction requires a unique set of metrics to ensure yellow iron and other sedimentary construction equipment receives proper maintenance. When it comes to wear and tear, engine hours, idle time and fuel use are far more important than an odometer reading.

A crane or another piece of yellow iron may not move around very much, but its engine is working overtime to accomplish its roles on a project and needs proper maintenance to prevent downtime.