Equipment Management Software

Equipment Management Software

Manage the equipment powering your business in one easy to use platform.


Full visibility into everything that matters in one equipment and asset tracking system

Eliminate guessing games and digitize equipment management with TFP Canada. Get visibility into location, equipment maintenance and utilization across all of your powered and non-powered assets from a centralized management console. Create digital workflows for core processes and overcome the challenges of paper-based systems for inventory management, equipment inspections and maintenance. Ensure that no critical information is lost and that the right action is taken to keep your assets operational, operators safe and projects on track. 


Track a wide range of equipment and assets in one single platform

Advanced Reporting

Reduce equipment hoarding and extend equipment lifecycles with an all-encompassing heavy equipment management solution. Connect all your heavy equipment in one system through manufacturer installed telematics devices or our range of telematics hardware and improve maintenance management, usage, and ROI.

  • Schedule preventative maintenance and receive predictive maintenance alerts so you know exactly when it’s time for a checkup
  • Create GPS boundaries around a jobsite or other location for full visibility into equipment location, unauthorized usage, and operator behavior
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment rental and hire costs by eliminating equipment hoarding with asset utilization reports

Light Powered Assets

Powered Assets

Use the power of telematics to track and analyze a wide range of mobile assets, including lightweight powered assets, such as generators, light towers, digital signage and more. Unlock real competitive advantage, significant cost savings and efficiency improvements.

  • Monitor who is using an asset and receive movement notifications
  • Improve inventory management by knowing what asset is being used, by whom and when
  • Reduce theft and unauthorized use with real-time monitoring and analytics

Non Powered Assets

See and track non-powered assets, such as tools, containers, portables and other goods with accurate location data, assignment information and maintenance reports. Any asset that your business uses can be labeled with a QR code or GPS tracking device to deliver quick and reliable updates.

  • Improve cost reporting by simply adding cost codes to equipment and assets
  • Easily track tools and other portables for improved inventory and record-keeping
  • View all powered and non-powered assets in one location

Advanced Reporting

Utilize customizable dashboards and a wide range of reports to get insight into how your equipment and assets are being utilized and maintained. Create reports by jobsite and track fuel burn and equipment assignment across all jobsites.

  • Build customizable dashboards and get a quick view of critical information
  • Create jobsites and report on equipment assignment, fuel burn and more by jobsite
  • Track maintenance tasks and understand what parts are needed for upcoming maintenance

Find the perfect equipment management platform

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you in to the future

Heavy Equipment Tracking
Maximize equipment utilization

Visibility of all your heavy equipment in one screen: location, utilization and maintenance. Track your business by Jobsite with equipment analytics.

  • Advanced GPS asset tracking
  • Utilization reporting
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • OEM Integration (AEMP standard)
  • IP67 rated hardware
Complete Asset Management
All assets, one screen

All of your field equipment managed in a single application. Heavy equipment, light assets and tools. Manage your world.

  • Powered & non-powered GPS Tracking
  • Utilization and Jobsite reporting
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • OEM Integration (AEMP standard)
  • IP67 rated hardware
  • QR Code inventory management
Enterprise-Grade Custom Solutions
Built to your unique needs

Customizable solution built for your business. Access to exactly what you need. Enterprise support includes:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Professional services support
  • Custom integrations
  • 1000+ assets with complex needs
  • Custom analytics/dashboards

Inventory Planning

Know exactly where your equipment is located and whether equipment is being properly used. This critical data allows for accurate inventory records of both powered and non-powered assets in one, easy to use single platform.

Maintenance Management

Digitize maintenance management with electronic processes for maintenance inspections and pre-start checklists. Record all maintenance and inspection reports on a mobile device and instantly receive this data in a central management system that allows you to see maintenance reports and any critical defects (including photos) in real-time. Instantly know when powered and non-powered assets need maintenance, repair or replacement and never miss a maintenance milestone again.

Productivity Optimization

Accelerate your business by updating equipment information electronically and reduce reliance on paper-based processes that are slow, prone to error, and require additional administration effort to enter into your back-office systems.

Equipment Utilization

Make sure both your owned and rented equipment is being used efficiently and reduce on-site equipment hoarding with utilization reports. Cut rental expenses by identifying where and when your assets would best be used maximizing your equipment utilization. 




Flexible hardware solutions design to meet your unique needs

Our hardware is easy to install in all your equipment.

Ruggedized Hardware 255X140 (1)

Ruggedized GPS

IP67 rated for hard-working heavy equipment

ATS 1 Edited

Light Ruggedized GPS

Designed best for light non-powered assets

OEM AMEP Connecting

OEM Installed (AEMP)

Pull data from your existing hardware into our platform

QR Bar Code

Bar or QR Code

Track anything with our custom, tamperproof labels


Intelligent support every step of the way

Software alone isn’t the answer. Leverage our professional services for added training, customer support, and more to ensure you get even more value out of your software.

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