Field Service Management

For businesses that use field service technicians, which includes electrical companies, plumbing, glass installers, general contractors, and home heating and air conditioner repairs (HVAC), your remote workers are the face of the company. And in most instances, they are the only interaction that your customers will have with your business.
That’s why your customers’ experiences with your field service team is important. And why it’s paramount that businesses that employ remote employees are given the right tools to meet their customers’ every need.
Because a business has so many moving parts, that can be extremely tough to do. That’s where field service management can help.

What Is Field Service Management?

Field service management (FSM) is a system that coordinates field operations remotely. Until recently, field management was controlled, monitored, and logged manually on spreadsheets and calendars. This was not just time consuming, but prone to human error, miscommunication, delays, and costly mistakes.
Thanks to the Internet, field service solutions have taken a giant leap forward. But far too many small- and medium-sized businesses are still using paper-based field service management, unaware of the advantages of a cloud-based, integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

What Is Field Service Management Software?

FSM software connects to the cloud, that is, remote servers that are connected to the Internet. Because field technicians are all fitted with mobile devices, they are permanently connected with the office and allows them to communicate with each other much more easily.
Through FSM software, they are also connected to a system that provides them with everything they need to run your business. That’s because all of the data is stored on services in the cloud, not on their devices. Everything is saved, uploaded, and stored in real-time.
With a cloud-based FSM, field service technicians can:
Some of the capabilities of a cloud-based FSM, businesses can use include:

Why Choose TFP Canada’s Field Service Management Software?

Whatever your organizational needs are, TFP Canada, powered by our software, can help your business achieve its goals. Our software solves field management issues by providing businesses with an electronic workflow that can be used anywhere. This results in a faster, more efficient, and effect workforce, improved customer experience, and higher customer retention.
Our software is easy to install and use and was developed specifically with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind. It’s the only workflow management program a small business needs to run their entire organization.
Because our software is cloud-based, there is no need to buy expensive hardware, pay for unnecessary upkeep or internal IT systems, or buy costly service plans to build and maintain the system.
Our software is a complete office management system that lets you put your business on autopilot, anywhere, and everywhere. It allows you to do what you do best—grow your business.
Here are just some of the advantages of using an integrated ERP software like Tasflow Pro.

Contact TFP Canada for Integrated ERP Solutions

Our software is a comprehensive field service management platform that streamlines business processes, helps your business run more effectively and efficiently, and keeps everyone in the organization up to date, in real-time.
To learn more about TFP Canada and how our cloud-based FSM software can help automate your business and reduce costs, contact us at 647-612-3300 or by email at [email protected].