Fleet Management Software in the GTA

Businesses in the GTA—especially those that use field service technicians—that are looking to differentiate themselves from their peers, optimize operations, and be more competitive should consider using fleet management software solutions.

With fleet management software and GPS technology, businesses can get a complete overview of their fleet, from the day-to-day operations to the big picture, in real-time. Fleet managers get instant access to important data and insights, which can help keep their field service team running smoothy, efficiently, and safely.

What Is Fleet Management & How Does It Work?

With fleet management software, businesses gain valuable real-time insight into how their field service team is operating.

How does it do that? Field service management software connects vehicles or equipment with electronics, sensors, and actuators. These connected devices collect and analyze valuable data, providing fleet managers with powerful insights into how they can improve operations and processes and be more efficient and effective.

With cutting-edge fleet management software, businesses can collect on-board diagnostics about a vehicle’s engine, driver hours, speed, GPS position, fuel maintenance, route analytics, and driver history, as well as monitor temperatures and get live traffic data.

Fleet managers can then view this information in real-time through the fleet management software and make changes or improve processes in real-time. Over time, fleet managers collect more data, which makes it easier to find trends and improve operational efficiencies.

Features of Fleet Management Software

Streamline Vehicle Dispatch and Route Optimization

Advanced GPS technology for fleet management helps streamline the vehicle dispatch and route optimization process. Thanks to real-time GPS data, dispatch can schedule calls, send out notification, and even assign workers.It works the other way as well. You can monitor the status of a job, drive time, speed, location, and kilometers travelled.

GPS-Enabled Asset Tracking

GPS-enabled asset tracking does what pen and paper records never could. It collects real-time data from your field service technicians. Fleet managers can watch their field service vehicles in real-time, throughout the entire trip, with detailed, interactive maps.Are the drivers stuck in traffic? Did they get to their destination on time? Or did they make an unexpected stop? With GPS-enabled asset tracking, fleet managers get 24/7 coverage that protects their field service technicians and the business itself.


Geofencing is an invisible boundary around a designated area that provides fleet managers with a complete view of their operations. Once the boundary is set with GPS, they can track and monitor everything within those location coordinates.With geofencing, fleet managers can monitor a vehicles route, and get a notification if it deviates from the planned route. They can also use that data to update their schedules and planning in real-time. When a vehicle enters a specific zone, a notification can be sent to a customer, telling them exactly what time their field service technician will arrive.

Choose TFP Canada for Your Fleet Management Software Solutions in the GTA

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