IQ Camera

Intelligent Driver Protection

The perfect entry into video telematics. The AI-powered IQ Camera is a single device solution that provides enhanced driver status monitoring, real-time feedback and instant video access, so you can protect your team on the road.

The fully connected IQ Camera uses powerful sensors and video AI to review every minute of drive time so you can understand behavior like never before and easily access footage to validate insurance claims.

The solution also takes coaching into the cab with advanced driver assistance and status monitoring. The always-on coaching offers real-time audible alerts for tailgating, lane departure, forward collisions and distracted driving, helping drivers identify the actions that increase risk.


Access all video footage through the TN360 Platform

AI Powered

 Every minute of driving time is reviewed by the AI engine

Driver Status Monitoring

Combat drowsy and distracted driving

Advanced Driver Assistance

Ensure drivers are correcting high risk actions


  • Dual Camera. Highly configurable forward and inward facing AI camera, enabling driver assistance and status monitoring.
  • Driver Status Monitoring. Take a proactive step to keep your drivers safe with status monitoring that detects drowsy and distracted driving.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance. Reduce risk across your drivers with audible alerts for high risk actions including lane departure, tailgating and forward collisions.
  • Fully Connected. The IQ Camera is fully connected into TN360, where you can view event footage and make requests for additional recordings.
  • Driver Initiated Events. For emergency situations drivers can press an emergency record button, ensuring the footage is retained and made available in TN360.
  • Live Streaming. When required operators can access live video to ensure the wellbeing of their drivers.


Weight: 158g (5.6oz)

Dimensions: 122.8 x 61.2 x 44.2mm (4.83 x 2.41 x 1.74”)

Ratings: IP41

Operating Temp: -20° to +60°C (-4° to +140°F)

Storage Temp: -30° to +85°C (-22° to +185°F) 

Certifications: CE, CB, FCC/IC, RCM, BQB, PTCRB, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, FirstNet, WEEE, ROHS, AWS (Amazon Web Server), Bell, Rogers, Telus

Video & Connectivity

Outward Camera: FOV: D: 142°/ H: 116°/ V: 60° (±5%)

Inward Camera: FOV: D: 142°/ H: 116°/ V: 60° (±5%)

Resolution: High definition 1080p Capable

Receiver: Built in GLONASS self checking receiver

Supported Bands: 4G LTE

Driver Assistance & Status Monitoring

Advanced Driver Assistance Features:

Video Capture (Internal & External)

Driver Initiative Events

Request Footage OTA

Forward Collision Warning

Sign Posted Speed

Lane Departure and Tailgating

Stop Sign

Harsh Maneuvering

Driver Status Monitoring Features:

Drowsiness Detection

Distraction Detection

Live Stream (Upgrade)

Seatbelt (Coming Soon)

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