Insights From TN360

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Insights From TN360

The TN360 SmartJobs App is a flexible job management tool that is embedded into the TN360 application. It enables businesses to streamline processes by digitizing job allocation and management for drivers and field engineers. Start your digital transformation and help your team stay on time and on task with real-time information and updates.

TN360 EasyDocs

Welcome to EasyDocs from TN360, an application that allows businesses to upload, store, and share important documents across entire fleets and mobile workforces. Stop wasting time looking for documents with this cloud-based, filing system designed specifically for fleets.

TN360 Forms

Start your digital transformation with Forms for TN360, the application that turns paper processes into digital forms that simplify data capture and ensure that your field-based teams always have access to the information they need.

TN360 – Journey Planner & SmartNav: Route

Journey Planner is a powerful tool that allows users to create smarter, more specific routes for vehicles that include all scheduled stops and waypoints. Users can report on the planned trip time vs. the actual time the trip took. 

Maintenance on TN360

Maintenance on TN360 is a computerized maintenance management system that digitizes the scheduling of vehicle and equipment maintenance. The module connects with the platform’s telematics data allowing for maintenance schedules to be created using vehicle odometer and engine hours data. 

The Power Take-Off (PTO) sensor is a small device that monitors specific ancillary activities that are powered by a vehicle’s engine. From monitoring if the pump on your tanker was active outside of designated sites, to tracking operational efficiency at customer distribution centers, the PTO sensor will give you the complete picture of your operation. 

ELD on TN360, an intuitive system that provides the data you need to make informed hours of service decisions. Stay on top of compliance-related issues, including Hours of Service (HOS) and DOT roadside inspections. Pair it with our electronic DVIR and IFTA reporting features to fulfill all your compliance needs.