What Are the Benefits of GPS Tracking in Field Service Management?

Jun 4, 2021 Field Service
Benefits of GPS Tracking in Field Service Management

Small- and medium-sized businesses that use field service technicians use different types of technology to manage their mobile workers. One vital technology that helps businesses manage and monitor their on-the-go employees is GPS.

GPS software is popular among businesses with remote workers because it improves safety, efficiency, and accountability. GPS tracking also helps track company assets, enhance the quality of service, and allow businesses to provide better customer service. 

Not every company is on board with improving their bottom line, though. According to the most recent data, 25% of businesses that employ field service technicians do not use any specialized, GPS tracking software.

Below are some of the top ways using GPS tracking software in field service management can make your business more competitive.

Always on Time

One major benefit of using GPS tracking software is that it improves punctuality. Smart scheduling, real-time dispatching, and real-time traffic updates can help field service management create more efficient routing, so their vehicles can get where they need to be on time, every time.

Being on time for a job is one of the most important factors consumers consider when deciding whether or not to rehire a company. In fact, 25% of people say they won’t use a business again if a remote worker is 16 minutes to 30 minutes late and 11% say being 15 minutes late is their cut off.

It’s imperative that field service employees get to their jobs when promised. Field service GPS tracking software can help get that done.

Lowered Fuel Costs

GPS software does more than just let you know where your employees and vehicles are. GPS software can streamline your business and make it more efficient. How? GPS software is integrated into a vehicle’s computer. That means it collects important, real-time data on the vehicle’s location, stops, idling, acceleration, average speed, and diagnostics. 

The GPS software crunches and analyzes this critical data and sends it back to the office. This gives field service managers insight into how their vehicles are being used and what they can do to better improve their fuel-efficient driving habits and the best routes to take.

Real-Time Coordination

Because GPS software keeps tracks of your vehicles in real-time, you always know where your employees are during the workday. This means businesses are always connected to their remote workers, which allows them to keep track of different job sites and better co-ordinate resources and employees based on where they are.

Real-time doesn’t mean all the time, though. An intuitive GPS field service tracking solution will automatically know when an employee is off the clock and disable location tracking.

Increases Security

Increased security is another great reason to consider field service tracking software. With GPS solutions, businesses can keep track of where their employees are. If they need any kind of assistance, you can get to them as quickly as possible. With real-time traffic updates, field service management can also help them avoid road closures or heavy traffic, which makes their daily commute to job sites that much safer. 

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